Thursday, January 29, 2009

West Reflection, Due: Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As you read through Cornel West’s chapter from Democracy Matters titled, “The Deep Democratic Traditions in America,” I want you to pay attention to the two types of democratic paradigms—or models—that West pinpoints as important to the restoration of democracy in America.

In an essay, I want you to answer the following questions for reflection:

· Where does democracy begin according to West? What is currently threatening the original spirit of democracy upon which the United States was founded?

· What are the two paradigms and who inspired them? How would you define their respective philosophies according to West? Who does West cite as modern day literary and political models for the different democratic philosophies?

· What, ultimately, must we do to sustain and nurture the original spirit of democracy upon which West bases his argument for its restoration?

Each question should be answered in paragraph form and you should make sure to either quote directly from or paraphrase West in constructing your response.

I know that some of West’s language may be confusing, but that’s where the dictionary steps in to help you understand him.

Any questions, ask in class. Meanwhile, be sure to check the MLA writing guidelines I handed out to you in class to understand better the ways to quote, paraphrase, summarize, and argue.

May the force be with you,

Brother Peach, FSC

A possible thesis statement to get you started at the end of your intro paragraph as discussed in class on Friday:

As West would have it, democracy is upheld only when individuals within a democratic society live according to a philosophy of self-reliance and self-discovery. The ultimate aim of democracy is to challenge social ills such as prejudice, racism, and violence to bring about peace and justice.

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