Thursday, January 22, 2009

Syllabus: Major Assignments (tentative/subject to revision)

Week of: January 19 – 23
No classes Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
Purchase black, Moleskin journal (may be lined, unlined, or graphed) at BNN or Border’s
Purchase other course materials
Check for materials on Friday, January 23
Choose five of your top choices for reading from Rohr’s Wild Man
Assign King reflection, due: Tuesday, January 27

Week of: January 26 – 30
Cornel West, “The Deep Democratic Tradition in America” pp. 63-105
Due Tuesday: Reflection, King (25 pts.)
Assign West reflection, due: Tuesday, February 3

Week of: February 2 – 6
Leo Tolstoy, “ ‘Notes for Soldiers’ ” pp. 32-39
Due Tuesday: Reflection, West (25 pts.)
Assign Tolstoy reflection, due: Tuesday, February 10

Week of: February 9 – 13
Dorothy Day, “Preface,” “Introduction,” “We Scarcely Know Ourselves,” “Beginnings” pp. xi – 15
Due Tuesday: Reflection, Tolstoy (25 pts.)
Assign Day reflection, due: Tuesday, February 17
No classes Friday

Week of: February 16 – 20
No classes Monday
Thomas Merton, “Blessed are the Meek” pp. 14-29
Due Tuesday: Reflection, Day (25 pts.)
Assign Merton reflection, due: Tuesday, February 24

Week of: February 23 – 27
Madeleine L’Engle, “The Night is Far Spent” pp. 1-15
Due Tuesday: Reflection, Merton (25 pts.)
Assign L’Engle reflection, due: Tuesday, March 3

Week of: March 2 – 6
Joseph Campbell, “The Self as Hero” pp. 111-133
Due Tuesday: Reflection, L’Engle (25 pts.)
Assign Campbell reflection, due: Tuesday, March 10

Week of: March 9 – 13
Richard Rohr, selections, From Wild Man to Wise Man
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Campbell (25 pts.)
Assign Rohr reflection, due: Tuesday, March 17

Week of: March 16 – 20
Saint Augustine, “Book II” of Confessions pp. 24-34
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Rohr (25 pts.)
Assign Augustine reflection, due: Tuesday, March 24

Week of: March 23 – 27
Thomas Merton, “Firewatch” pp. 349-362
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Augustine (25 pts.)
Assign Merton reflection, due: Tuesday, March 31

Week of: March 30 – April 3
Henry David Thoreau, “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” pp. 57-68
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Merton (25 pts.)
Assign Thoreau reflection, due: Tuesday, April 7

Week of: April 6 – 10
Eudora Welty, “Finding a Voice” pp. 73-104
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Thoreau (25 pts.)
Assign Welty reflection, due: Tuesday, April 14
No classes Thursday through Monday

Week of: April 13 – 17
No classes Monday
Flannery O’Connor, “The Nature and Aim of Fiction” pp. 63-86
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Welty (25 pts.)
Assign O’Connor reflection, due: Tuesday, April 21

Week of: April 20 – 24
Samuel Hazo, “The Power of Less: Poetry and Public Speech” pp. 1-16
Due Tuesday, Reflection, O’Connor (25 pts.)
Assign Hazo reflection, due: Tuesday, April 28
No classes Thursday and Friday

Week of: April 27 – May 1
Mumia Abu-Jamal, selections from, Live from Death Row
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Hazo (25 pts.)
Assign Mumia reflection, due: Tuesday, May 5

Week of: May 4 – 8
Essay in Pictures, see handout and PowerPoint presentation
Due Tuesday, Reflection, Mumia (25 pts.)
Assign Memoir, due: Tuesday, May 12
No classes Friday

Week of: May 11 – 15 (Senior Finals Week)
Due Tuesday, May 12, Memoir (100 pts.)

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